Facebook Brand Posts Only Reach 16% Of Your Fans [Infographic]

The aim of every brand page, be it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, is for your content and message to reach as many fans as possible. When someone likes a page, they rarely go back to it as their content will automatically appear on their news feed.

However, with Facebook’s algorithm prioritising certain stories over others, that isn’t always the case as a new infographic looking at Facebook’s Edgerank shows.

VA Simple Services discovered that on average, a regular post will reach only 16 per cent of your fans. This isn’t the kind of thing users with brand pages may want to hear, but as VA Simple Services say on their blog:

“The average Facebook user has around 130 friends and is connected to approximately 80 community pages, groups and events. Most users would be overwhelmed to see all of the activity generated by these conditions. To avoid this, Facebook use an algorithm formula called Edgerank to decide what users will see in their news feed. The formula is based on 3 elements: Affinity, Weight and Time Decay.”

Of course, what appears on a person’s timeline will differ from person to person (hence why it’s an algorithm), but the infographic below will certainly give users food for thought and some usefule tips to go by when they’re developing their Facebook page.

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