Fantastic Interactive IKEA Campaign Presents Multi-View Kitchen Story

If there’s one company that you can guarantee will think up of a engaging and clever campaign, it’s IKEA. From their Metro setup to their sleepover, they’ve pushed the boundaries of how to engage your audience. This campaign from IKEA Russia is another fantastic example which allows consumers the opportunity to take part in a kitchen story and experience their kitchens.

The genius twist is that at any point, users can switch between the viewpoints of any of the characters featured while the story is being played out. So you can see the world through the eyes of the couple, the guests, the dog and even through the fish in the aquarium, all while the film is playing in real time and stays in-sync whenever you change viewpoints.

The entire purpose of this campaign is to offer kitchen solutions to its viewers so while you’re watching the video, you can interact with any of the products or furniture by clicking on them and bringing up information. The campaign was a success as over 540,000 kitchen solutions were discovered during the first three months of the campaign. So you can safely assume that this was another deserved success for what is a very creative and involving campaign.

The campaign was made by Instinct BBDO who are based in Russia.

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