Four ‘Ingredients’ To Help Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

If you’re focusing on Adwords campaigns and are looking to improve the quality and performance of your keywords, then you’ll be glad to know that Tanmay A Arora, a performance specialist for the Google AdWords team, posted a number of tips or ‘ingredients’ that improve a keyword’s Quality Score.

Posting them on the AdWords community page, the first point that Arora makes is that the relevance of a keyword is not entirely determined by its presence on the landing page or the number of times it’s been mentioned on the landing page.

Instead of how appropriate the keyword is to the product or landing page, but instead how appropriate the users find it. What that means is the number of users clicking on your ad when they search for that keyword determines its success so providing relevant keywords is more important than density.

The second point is that when new keywords are added onto an ad campaign, they’re awarded a historical Quality Score based on their previous performance on Google. When they start being used and acquire statistics, the system then evaluates its Quality Score based on its recent performance.

Like all things, these statistics are gradually acquired and developed the more they’re used so until the keyword has enough recent data to work from, the historical Quality Score is used until then.

The third area worth focusing on, and one that Arora defines to be very important, is the keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR). The main thing to keep in mind is that AdWords take into account the exact match CTR of the keyword instead of variables.

For example, if your keyword is ‘social media business’ and is in broad match, it could trigger search results for ‘social media marketing’ or ‘social media advertising’. However, the exact match statistics point out exactly when the keyword ‘red shoes’ triggered the ad and was clicked on by the user when they searched for the exact search term ‘social media business’.

The final point she raises is that the number of impressions for any given keyword also plays an important role in defining the Quality Score. What this means that the more stats relating to impressions are gathered, the greater a role CTR plays in defining the keyword’s Quality Score.

A keyword’s Quality Score is calculated through a number of different criteria. Such criteria include the keyword’s past CTR, your display URL’s past CTR, your account history, the quality of your landing page, your keyword/ad relevance and search relevance, geographic performance and your ad’s performance on a site. A higher score effectively means that users will have access to lower costs and better ad positions for their keywords.

Google also created a video back in August explaining the concept of Quality Scores and why it’s important for users to understand.


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