What you need to know about join in digital marketing + Bonus Facebook New Timeline Tutorial Link [Video]


Many people ask me to teach them about how to Run digital and social media, so i think is better for me to put the knowledge about this on my blog, thanks to Google who provide  all the material about the online marketing, Now everyone can learn about this new Marketing on my blog,  enjoy it!

Why Does Being Online Matter?

Learn how the Internet can help you connect with potential customers and how e-commerce sites and social networks can help you establish your business on the web.

Create your website and make it look good

The look and feel of your website influences choices made by potential customers. Learn how to create a website strategy that can help your business stand out from the competition.

Does Your Landing Page Seal the Deal?

Learn how to go from clicks to customers by directing visitors to the right page of your website. Find out what a landing page is, how to select the right landing page for your ad, and get tips on creating landing pages that win you customers.

Devising Your Online Marketing Plan

Marketing goals, write a plan of action, and define a marketing budget.
Visit Learn with Google for a worksheet that guides you through creating a marketing plan for your business.

5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Learn five ways to get noticed and grow your business online. Explore marketing options and figure out which marketing techniques work best for the time and resources you have.

Budgeting for Your Online Advertising

Learn how to set and manage your advertising budget so you get the sales—without any surprises. Determine the right budget for you and figure how much to pay per click so you can control your costs while growing your sales.

Local – The What, The Why, The How
Learn how to use online marketing and find new ways to attract local customers online.

Google Analytics – The What, The Why, The How

Learn how Google Analytics can help you understand how your customers find, use, and interact with your website. Find out what Google Analytics is and how it can help you be successful online.

Facebook New Timeline – Tutorial link

Here is the link for you, who want to know about Tutorlial New Facebook Timeline, check it out!

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