Move over QR code, it’s time for the Touch Code

Ever since mobile was invented, advertisers have been looking at ways to quickly transfer information between their message and the device. We started with bluetooth, then came along barcodes, QR codes and finally more recently RFID and NFC. But all have failed in many ways. Many rely on the phones camera, something that differs between devices. Whatever the reason for their failure, consumers have been slow to take up any of these.

Could the clever guys over at TouchCode fixed this age-old problem? Perhaps. Have a watch above and see for yourselves. I have to say, the technology certainly looks interesting. The codes are invisible, can be printed on any printer and more importantly, can be read by any smart phone. It almost seems too good to be true doesn’t it? There seems to be lots of uses for them too. However, with an app needed to be installed in order to access the information, are consumers not facing the same barriers as before? I guess, only time will tell.

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