Flutter Brings Gesture Control To iTunes & Spotify

For a device that was originally created to challenge the Wii, Microsoft’s Kinect is getting a lot of love from developers and is inspiring them to bring gesture controls both to Kinect and other devices. The latest example is from a start up called Bot Square who have released an Mac app called Flutter. The app allows users to control both iTunes and Spotify using only simple hand gestures.

Bot Square say that Flutter was developed because they “hated using the keyboard and mouse for controlling music in the background or watching movies on [their] computers from a few feet away.”  So the idea was born and let’s face it, the ability to control any music or videos without having to go near your computer is certainly an appealing one.

The app is still in alpha build so the list of commands that you can gesture are limited, yet more improvements and gestures will be added in due course. Flutter is currently available to download for free on their site.

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