5 Reasons The New iPad Has Finally Won Me Back

Regular readers of the blog will know just how down I was on the iPad when it launched a couple of years ago. I sold my original device because I simply couldn’t find a use for it, and as I said at the time, it was only really useful for toilet reading. I know plenty of people loved it, but for me, it was something that didn’t fit my needs and I found it gathering dust for months at a time.

For a reason that only the Appple marketing team know, I decided to buy the new iPad and give it another go last week. After giving it a week to see how it fitted into my daily life, I was surprised by the results and how it won me back so quickly. Here are the main reasons I’ve changed my mind so much:

The Apps

Back when it launched, there weren’t even apps for popular services like Facebook or Twitter. You had to either use the web versions of the sites, or poor third party apps that had been hacked together. All of the big apps now have iPad only versions and they are a pleasure to use.

The Facebook experience on the iPad is as beautiful and easy to use as it is anywhere else. There are thousands and thousands of brilliant apps now with developers spending more time on a platform that is acquiring a huge number of users. I’m starting to find that most apps on the iPad are much better than their web counterparts, and that is only going to improve further.

The 3G Connection

Where I live In Ireland, the connection has never really been up to standard, but huge improvements have been made over the last couple of years. This iPad is, of course, being touted as the 4G iPad, but that is a distant dream for most of us. However, the connection is now so good that I have the freedom to work or browse the internet anywhere I choose without having to search for Wi-Fi.

Content Streaming Services

This device is more or less making traditional TV obsolete for many people. Streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, all the catch up players, and the content that Apple themselves offer make this the ultimate content consuming device.

When it all started a couple of years ago, not all the content providers were awake to the potential of the device, but they are all getting to the races now, and if anything to complain about, there is too much to watch on the iPad. Hooking the iPad up to a traditional TV via Apple TV makes this the ultimate content consuming device.

My Work Has Changed

When the first iPad came out, we were only starting Simply Zesty and the company was in its early days. I spent most of my time carrying out very practical work in spreadsheets, documents and presentations as well as writing multiple blog posts per day. The iPad was useless for completing those tasks and I found it gathering dust.

As the company has changed, so too has my job. I now spend a lot of time in creative brainstorms, presenting to clients and out at meetings. It turns out that the iPad is the perfect device for those tasks and now it’s the MacBook Air that is gathering dust. There are plenty of things the iPad still doesn’t do well (blog posts, long typing etc.), and there will always be a need for a physical keyboard in my opinion.


Like many of the services that Apple offers, this doesn’t seem like a huge game changer, but it really is  just because it works. One of the problems I had with the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air combo in the past was the amount of cables, charging, syncing I had to do between the three devices, as well as the fact that they all had different apps, content, photos and music on them at different times.

iCloud takes away all the pain of syncing, and I’m never going to lose any of that content ever again. Rather than starting with a blank slate, my new iPad already is fairly personalized to me at the push of a button.

iPad Still Has Faults

Although the turnaround in my opinion has been fairly large, the iPad does still annoy me in some ways. The battery life on this one seems very poor indeed, and charging it takes a long time. I tried writing this blog post on it as a test, but gave up after a couple of lines as the simplest tasks like hyperlinking are so slow and clunky.

I also feel stupid in some ways with a phone, laptop and a device out with me, but I can’t seem to do without them (phone for calls, computer for typing etc.). If I absolutely had to lose one, it would still be the iPad especially at its luxury price. If you can afford to buy one and you don’t need to do work on your computer all the time, I am happy to say that I would now suggest you buy an iPad. The improvement has been huge.

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