Peugeot Panama Create Brilliant Pinterest Boards

As Pinterest continues to grow, we’ve been keeping a close eye on how brands are using this new social network, and we’ve seen some really creative campaigns from Kotex and bmi. Now we’ve come across Peugeot Panama’s Pinterest profile, and it’s pretty impressive.

The way the brand has arranged its pinboards is fantastic: it has created what are essentially advertisements for their vehicles that can be read from left to right, by the way they have arranged their pinboards. For example, the first row of five boards displays the Peugeot Boxer, which you can see below. It’s one of the best uses of Pinterest’s display by a brand that I’ve seen so far.

The company are also running a clever competition on their Pinterest page; it’s a jigsaw puzzle contest whereby entrants have first of all follow the brand’s Pinterest page, and find the missing pins from a photo of a Peugeot, which are located on the Peugeot Panama website and Facebook page. Then entrants have to create their own board for the pins called “Peugeot Puzzle Contest/name”. Then once they have the all the pins arranged on their board, they simply share the boards with Peugeot.

One puzzle has already been completed so there are still four more to be solved.  It’s a clever strategy that will achieve a number of things of the company, their Pinterest followers will increase and they will have better engagement with their fans on the site, as well as having increased visits to their website and Facebook page from fans looking for clues.

  1. A great example of creative and outside the box type of thinking. I love the way that the pins form a sentence when put together and the contest is a great way to foster community interaction.

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