Dulux New TV Ad – Home Improvement [Video]

Dulux UK has issued an excellent new TV Ad with title Home Improvement, which Dulux try to give a message in this TV Ad, how just with a small change, can have great impact on your life. by only change the color paint of your house.

You can watch the three new TV Ad below and give your own perception of this message, please enjoy

Dulux New TV Ad – Home Improvement – Son’s Bedroom

Brighten up your spare room with vibrant yellows. Introducing a splash of sunshine can uplift even the dullest spaces. It might even spark your house guests into action and help ensure they don’t outstay their welcomes

Dulux New TV Ad – Home Improvement – Boudoir

Turn your bedroom into a smouldering boudoir with deep, alluring reds and cool muted greys. This balance of rich and neutral shades will provide you with the perfect space to rest and play. You never know, you might even experience more than your usual level of job satisfaction!

Dulux New TV Ad – Home Improvement – Jungle Bedroom

Transform spare rooms or children’s bedroom into lively spaces, where they’ll love to stay and play. Greens, yellows and greys can give a fun, dynamic feel to any room. Use patterns or animal shapes to create a unique space for them to enjoy.

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