Streets Ice-Cream Let You Star in Cool 360° Videos

Brands are coming up with some pretty cool real-world campaigns lately to get consumers’ attention, such as Mr. Kipling’s Cake-To-Go bus stop dispenser, and Intel’s hardest punch campaign in Indonesia. This latest real world campaign is really clever and looks like a lot of fun, especially if you’ve ever fancied yourself pulling off a scene in one of the Matrix films!

The campaign is called “Share Happy” from Streets ice-cream in Australia, and it lets passers-by record a 360 degree rotating video of themselves.There are recording spots in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, and you can go online to the Streets Share Happy site to find the video that you were in and watch it on Youtube and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone in the videos looks like they’re really enjoying themselves, and the promoters have made sure that almost everyone in the videos are holding ice-creams, so they’re staying on message.

And the fact that the videos are uploaded onto Youtube and can be easily shared means that news of the campaign will be spread by those who took part.  This is the kind of video that words can’t really do justice too, so take a look at the video for the full effect. I’d love to stumble across something as fun as this on a stroll around the city!

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