Smartphones & MG Cars Create Real Life Remote Control Racing Game

We love to see innovative uses of technology, making things that we never thought could happen, for example, real-sized remote control cars. This cool campaign comes from Sony’s Xperia Studio, and features two MG F Roadsters in a project called “Reckless Racing: For Real”.

Reckless Racing is a mobile dirt-track racing game from Pixelbite, and so the game was brought to life on a real life dirt-track by engineer and car-hacker Dr. James Brighton, who creates full size remote control cars.

And it wasn’t just a real life appropriation of the games’ track that was created. In keeping with the actual Reckless Racing game, the two players, gamer and journalist Hunter Skipworth and co-founder of Pixelbite Martin Noriander, controlled the two cars remotely via the Xperia Play and Xperia S from an elevated viewpoint above the track.

The video gives you a clear idea of how this was done, and makes for some great viewing. It’s a pretty amazing concept and demonstrates the many possibilities that mobile technology offers, including a game like this which would have seemed impossible a few years ago.

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