The Most Innovative Pinterest Campaign So Far – Kotex Send Personalised Gifts to Pinners

With Pinterest’s massive growth, it’s no wonder that many brands have climbed aboard, but since it’s not designed for businesses in the way that Facebook is, brands will have to come up with clever, inventive ways of using Pinterest to connect with people. We’ve seen bmi’s Pinterst Lottery campaign recently and this new campaign has got to be the other smartest use of Pinterest by a brand that we’ve seen.

An Israeli creative advertising agency called smoyz ran an a campaign for Kotex called ‘Inspiration Day’, which involved sending out gifts to female users of Pinterest. The strategy of sending gifts itself is nothing new, in fact the same agency ran a similar campaign for Kleenex through Facebook last year, but it is the medium through which the campaign is carried out that makes the difference, and the very nature of Pinterset lent itself exceptionally well to this campaign.

The reason for this is because Pinterest is a place of visual self expression, on a much larger scale than Facebook or Twitter, so the company were able to see exactly what kinds of designs and styles the 50 Pinterest users they selected liked. The agency then used this information to create personalised gifts for the women, who claimed their prize by simply repinning the image of the gift. The present was then delivered to the women in real life.

The result was that almost 100 per cent of the recipients then posted about their prizes on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which led to 2,284 interactions and 694,853 total impressions, which is a fantastic result for just 50 gift boxes. So although Pinterest has limited functionality for brands, smoyz cracked this problem by utilising the very essence of Pinterest – as a place of self expression.

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