Superb Marketing Campaign – Hardest Punch Wins A Laptop

A new campaign launched by Intel in Indonesia aims to shows just how durable their laptops are by getting people to batter the hell out of a Thai punch bag.

It’s the sort of campaign that would have health and safety inspectors panicking here in Europe, but it does a great job of getting the core message about the product across. Passersby were asked to punch or kick the bag in a fairground style set up, and only a hard enough punch would unlock the prize for somebody to take home with them.

It’s the sort of thing that appeals to men trying to show their macho side off, and with nearly everybody taking photos and recording videos, the content generated around the stunt for social media channels would have been huge. The video itself also has over a quarter of a million views and makes compelling viewing as you’ll want to see who it is who unlocks the prize! Very smart and innovative campaign indeed.

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