Domino’s Australia Lets Its Facebook Fans Create Social Pizza

Domino’s are no strangers to making the consumer the centre of their experience, their app which allowed customers to create their own pizza as well as their ‘Think Oven‘ campaign are prime examples of integrating social media elements into their marketing campaign.

Now in Australia, they’re following this formula by creating ‘the social pizza’ which will harness their 488,000 Facebook fans in creating the pizza they want to see. Starting tomorrow (March 19th) and spanning the next seven days, fans will be able to vote on a wide range of factors such as the type of base used, the sauces used, the toppings and even its name.  the most popular choices will be then added onto the new pizza which will be added onto Domino’s.

The campaign follows the same principal as the app mentioned earlier but instead of one person deciding what goes on their pizza, you have a committee of potentially 500,000 people deciding what the pizza will look like. As added incentive, the fan who comes up with the winning name bags themselves a cool $1,000 for doing so.

It’s another brilliant campaign from the pizza chain to engage with their fans and it’ll be interesting (to put it mildly) to see what bizarre and unusual recipes will be offered up during the week. How the pizza will turn out is anyone’s guess, but it’s a dead cert that Domino’s has another hit on its hands.

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