Paypal Release New Card Reader ‘Paypal Here’ For Small Businesses

Paypal have been very aggressive with the number of new products they’re revealing over the week. Their upcoming digital wallet has been getting a lot of attention in recent days and now they’ve released a new product called PayPal Here, allowing small businesses to accept any type of transaction.

Looking and acting a lot like Square’s card-reader, Paypal’s effort follows the same concept: if you’re an iPhone user (an Android version is in the works), you can complete transactions with any business through the card reader and a specialised app (also called ‘PayPal Here’) which accepts any form of payment. The chances of these apps being integrated with their upcoming digital wallet to bring an all-in-one payment system is likely, although it still highlights the company’s desire to merge both the physical and digital together to help streamline payments.

Although Square may have a case on its hands with regards to patenting the idea (outside the physical card-reader, Paypal’s check in feature is remarkably similar to Square’s ‘Pay with your name’ feature), Paypal seem determined to dominate this sector and moves like this only highlight their intentions.

The system is being sent out to a few thousand merchants in the U.S. along with Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia. While exact dates haven’t been given, Paypal say that they plan to roll out the system to Europe and other countries over the next few months.


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