Brilliant Angry Birds Sponsorship Comes To Formula 1 – [Pics]

The angry birds brand just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, and they have now launched what has to be the best motor racing helmet in the history of the sport. Finnish (same country that Angry Birds was founded in) driver Heikki Kovalainen will wear the helmet this weekend in the first race of the season in a move that is aimed at further promoting the launch of Angry Birds Space around the world.

Although there’s a massive number of people playing the game since it launched and it is the most downloaded game ever on the Apple App store, Formula 1 offers a unique opportunity to reach a global TV audience, and this sponsorship will surely cut through the rest of the marketing around the race in terms of grabbing attention.
It is well documented that Angry Birds are keen to move their brand beyond a simple game and make it something similar to Disney that franchises their merchandise and grows into other verticals and a sponsorship like this is a logical step in that direction.

You wouldn’t like to look in to your wing mirrors during a race and to see that helmet coming towards you with those scary angry birds on it at over 300 MPH! Smart marketing indeed.

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