10 Inspiring Twitter Campaigns With Video Case Studies

Brands and businesses have been embracing Twitter for years now, but the size and scope of the campaigns are changing. Now with Twitter about to roll out more advanced brand pages, we thought it would be a great time to collect a selection of the best creative case studies we could find.

In some ways, you can do far more with Twitter than you can with the more restrictive Facebook pages, but that will probably change as Twitter start to introduce their own self service ad platform over the course of the year. If you are thinking of creating a Twitter brand campaign, here are ten of the best to take a little inspiration from.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola decided to turn all the tweets that were sent at a large football game in South America into confetti, which they then pumped out over the crowd. A great way to engage the fans through their own content.

American Express

Financial services companies are always slow to get on board with social media, but Amex launched this smart campaign that allowed their users to convert hashtags into something more valuable.


The phone company decided to cheer up some of their customers last winter by giving people  the ability to send their followers some small gifts via Twitter.

Best Tweeshes

This was a project to promote an agency on Twitter rather than a brand, but they do have to be rewarded for raising the profile of their agency all over the world with this musical creation.

Mercedes Tweet Race

Probably one of the biggest Twitter campaigns ever launched, this featured teams of people racing cars across the country with the content and race all powered by tweets.

Eddie Terstall Fundraising

The Dutch movie maker was having trouble raising money to fund his latest movie, but when an agency advising him told him to turn to Twitter, the money was raised in no time.

Powerade Tweets

With most people jumping on Twitter to comment as soon as a sports event starts, Powerade spotted an opportunity and created a live infographic that updated based on tweets during a game.

Kraft Valentines Tweets Campaign

Kraft decided to turn to Ted Williams, the guy with the famous voice that was discovered on the street last year. They decided to have him create personalized videos that were sent out via Twitter.

Turkish Telecom Campaign

Smart little campaign that used some live streaming and post-its to create buzz around the phone network. It got a whopping 56,000 Tweets in a very short period of time.

KLM Twitter Customer Service

The folks over at KLM decided to get their staff to spell out Twitter replies using huge post cards and answer genuine customer service complaints, highlighting their new efforts on Twitter.


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