Launch Automatic Infographic Tool; Creates an Infograph In Just A Few Clicks

Since its launch back in July, the data visualisation platform has allowed budding designers and users to create their own infographics with little effort, claiming to have created more than 11,000 infographics, 4,000 designers and have around two million visitors to the site per month.

The only thing users needed before designing their infographic were facts and figures for whatever topic was being covered. Now that accessibility has opened up even further with their new tool Create, a service that allow anyone to create and share infographics with virtually no effort.

Considering its Twitter Visualiser, the company’s first self service tool, has had over 500,000 people using it, it makes sense that they would expand the service to include different types of infographics. The main attraction of Create is that it extracts the data for you from different sources.

Currently you can only auto create infographs based around Twitter and Facebook data and only five visualisations are available for its launch. The visualisations include Knockout, Glow, Nimbus for Twitter and Prism and Cobalt for Facebook data.

There’s also specialised infographics such as ‘Facebook Monster’ which lets you create a monster graphic based on your profile data while ‘Life of a Hashtag’ extracts data about the popularity of any Twitter hashtag you want to find, with a choice of different styles to differentiate it from other infographics.

Admittedly, the sheen of infographics has worn down over the last few months, an overload of them meant that their appearances have become fewer in number in recent times. However, when done well, infographics can really add to a report and can make sometimes complex data more manageable to digest. themselves have created a number of custom infographics for different agencies, brands and publishers such as The Huffington Post,, VentureBeat and Cisco among others so they have a pretty good idea as to whether infographs are to stay or not. It mightn’t lead to another influx of visual graphs and professional designers won’t be worried but that was never the point of Instead, the site is slowly knocking down the barriers to creation so that anyone can try and create their own masterpiece.

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