Touchscreen Glove Kit Created to Launch Ikea iPad Catalogue

It’s the (relatively) age old problem, you get a message or a mail on your smartphone or tablet while out in freezing cold weather, so are loath to take off your gloves to smoothly swipe the screen. It’s one area when a traditional button operated mobile has a slight advantage (though it’s still pretty tricky with gloves!).

Recognising this problem, a company called SMFB created a clever and simple solution to this problem when called upon to launch IKEA’s iPad catalogue in Norway.

The company created a sewing kit called ‘Beröra’, which means ‘to touch’ , and so if so you sew a cross onto the finger point of your glove or mitten as the video shows, you will be able to operate a touchscreen while wearing gloves.

The campaign was a big success, 12,000 sets were gone in just two weeks, it made an all time high click rate in Norway and the catalogue jumped to number one in the app store.

In addition, the catalogue is now the most downloaded IKEA catalogue in the world per capita. With any luck these kits will be sold all over the world next winter so we can continue to use our smartphones, and keep our hands warm at the same time.

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