‘Chairlifted’ launch seriously impressive interactive music video

Interactive video may not be particularly new. We’ve seen campaigns before, typically on Youtube, that allow interaction by prompting the user to click on an object, type a command etc.. But this may just be one of the cleanest, most impressive examples I’ve seen. The video is for the group ‘Chairlifted’ and the scenario features a group of PHD students at college.Fairly soon into the video you get to become a part of the action, by using your arrow keys to decide the next step the character should take :

The video is not embeddable but you can play it in full on the link here.

What’s particularly impressive about this video, is just how clean it is. There’s no big pause while you hover over arrows deciding what to click, you simply use your arrow keys throughout and the action continues seamlessly. Even if you choose not to press the arrow key at the right point, the action continues regardless.

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