The Three Qualities That Make A Youtube Video Go Viral [Video]

By far one of the most common questions any marketer, brand or a person who  just wants to become famous asks, the formula behind a viral videos is very elusive and for good reason, only a tiny percentage become viral and over 48 hours of youtube footage being uploaded every minute.

Kevin Allocca is Youtube’s trends manager, meaning he gets paid to watch videos and determine what going to be popular and what isn’t. Here in this TED talk recorded in New York back in November 2011, he goes through the three qualities that makes any video go viral online: tastemakers, participation and unexpectedness.

Of course, securing those three qualities is very much a case of easier said than done. But it gives a fascinating glimpse into what makes certain videos popular and how becoming viral is very rarely instantaneous. At only seven minutes long, it’s well worth a watch.

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