Fanta Ask Fans to Find Characters Hidden in Their Facebook Timeline

It’s always great to see how brands respond to new kinds of social media, for example, in the past week we saw bmi becoming the first brand to stage a lottery style contest on Pinterest, but equally it’s interesting to see how brands adapt when Facebook and Twitter make changes.

Fanta is the first brand we’ve come across to run a game through Facebook Timeline, and it’s pretty clever. On the 29th of February, Fanta posted a status update saying that the leap year day had thrown Fanta time out of kilter and four Fanta characters, Gigi, Lola, Floyd and Tristan had been brought into the past and hidden in the timeline. The first character hidden was Gigi; users were given the clues to identify the year she was in, and then had to ‘like’ an image of here to bring her back to the present.

As the character was in the year 1956, the photo has to be liked 1,956 times in order to bring her back to the present. On Friday, the photo had received 920 likes, so there’s some way to go until they reach that target, and perhaps it signifies that the target is too high an engagement figure, despite the fact that the brand has 2,621,167 likes on Facebook.

Still, it’s a clever example of how brands could utilise the timeline to come up with some exciting interactive challenges for fans!

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