People Now Spend More Time Daily on Mobile than TV or Computers

It seems like we just can’t bear to be parted from our mobile devices, even while in bed or in the bathroom! A new set of reports and infographic by InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, reveals just how reliant we’re becoming on mobile phones. Their studies, called Mobile Media Consumption, revealed that people now spend more time on mobile devices daily than they do watching TV, listening to radio or reading.

It seems that people just can’t detach themselves from their mobile devices, using them all during the day in a variety of different places, the most popular time to use it is while lying in bed (67 per cent). The next most popular situation in which to use a mobile are while waiting for something (47 per cent), and while watching TV (39 per cent).

Commuting was the 4th most popular option with 25per cent, which I found surprising – I would have expected it to have been top of the results, given the amount of people you see on buses and trains all in the same position: headphones in, head bent down towards their mobile screen, and a finger rapidly swiping or typing.

This statistics will be especially important to advertisers as people constantly have their phones with them as they move from place to place during the day, so while they may encounter fixed real world ads while out and about, the mobile can be seen as a constant channel of access to consumers.

This shift to mobile advertising is already happening, as this infographic shows that mobile has a greater impact on purchasing decisions than computers or TV. 66 per cent of people surveyed say that they are “more or equally comfortable with mobile advertising vs. TV or online ads.” The message all this sends to marketers and advertisers is – avoid the mobile market at your peril.

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