Tesco Unveil Virtual Fitting Room on Facebook


While online clothes shopping becomes more and more popular, as it’s less effort than trying multiple items on in a shop fitting room, it’s often still requires a lot of a guess work as to whether an item will suit you once it’s delivered to your door.


So one brand have decided to try to create a happy medium between the two experiences. Florence&Fred, the clothing brand sold by Tesco in stores and online, has just unveiled a clever virtual fitting room on their Facebook page, that lets you create an avatar of yourself and virtually try on clothes before buying them. Called the F&F Fitting Room by Metail, the app is accessed through Facebook first by liking it on the Clothing At Tesco Facebook page.


When you’ve accessed the app, you upload a facial photo and add markers to identify your key features, and choose a hairstyle, so that the 3D character of you can be created. So far, so standard for any program that lets you create an avatar of yourself. But here’s where it gets interesting – you create your body to match your real life dress size by entering your height, weight and bra size, and hip and waist measurements or upload a body photo, so that you can get a more accurate picture of what the clothes would look like in real life.


Then you can shop the online store on this virtual body and see what looks would suit you, share the looks with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter, and view what size would be recommended for you based on the measurements you’ve entered. Finally you can add the items you want to buy to your basket.


It’s an incredibly simple and clever idea – it seems unbelievable that the bigger fashion sites such as Asos.com do not advertise such a feature, and that it’s a supermarket clothing brand who are leading the way in making online shopping a bit more functional and personal. And though it’s not the same as actually trying something on in store, at the moment this is the next best thing.

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