Say Hello To New Facebook Brand Timeline Pages

We have been telling you that it has been coming for a while now and this morning, New York time, Facebook have started rolling out their new timelines for brands. It’s a huge change to how businesses will use the platform and some of the biggest brands, including Coca Cola and Starbucks, are live with their pages already while everybody else will have until March 30th to get their pages up and running.

We will be reporting on all the other new features that Facebook are releasing (mostly around advertising) as the day goes on and helping you to prepare for the big switch over, but for now here is a look and some links to the new pages from the world’s biggest brands.


If there is one brand that you would expect here at launch it is Coca-Cola. Check their page out here.


The coffee giant have their page live which you can see here.

Red Bull

You can always expect Red Bull to be cutting edge and their Facebook brand page is no exception.


The games manufacturer (Microsoft are partners with Facebook) have their page here.


The car company have a very corporate looking page here.


As you would expect the world’s biggest sports brand are here, although their profile is very bare.


The fashion designer has an old iconic picture for their profile.

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