Fake Steve Jobs Profile Highlights Why Timeline Will Be Brilliant For Brands

When Timeline does launch for pages (possibly as early as later today), it is going to completely change how brands and business interact on Facebook. To understand the potential, you need to watch the video below that was created based on a fake timeline that some Apple fans set up last week for Steve Jobs.

Facebook took the timeline down because it broke their TOS, but the video shows how it looked from start to finish. Now this isn’t a brand page and Steve Jobs is a personality rather than a brand (of course some might argue with that), but it does give a great feel as to how brands will have to change their content to fit with the new timelines and how everything will displayed like a tapestry of content, stretching back to the day the company was founded.

At the moment on Facebook pages, the focus is very much on the news feed and updates but a couple of days after posting, they are essentially lost forever. You could scroll back but nobody ever does. Because of the way timeline is presented, you’ll be able to quickly scan over the history of a page. Everything from product launches to new hires to company photos and videos will be easy to find and the richer the content, the better. On the flip side, any negative content or threads will also be easier to find.

It helps when you have a life full of as much magic as Steve Jobs, but every company will now be forced to start telling their own story and creating their own unique pages. Content will play a bigger part than it already does and rather than it getting buried under tabs, it is going to be front and center for all to see. It’s going to a be a big evolution but one that will certainly make Facebook business pages much more enjoyable.

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