Tips, tricks and apps for an awesome Facebook cover photo

Even if you’re still resisting the switchover to Facebook’s Timeline layout for profiles, pretty soon you’re going to want to get your hands on a good cover photo image to bring your profile to life. This is steadily becoming one of the most fun parts of Facebook to play around with (not an actual stat) so with that in mind, I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to get a decent cover photo for your Timeline.

Cover Photo Maker

This is an iPhone app that allows you to create a customised cover photo from your mobile images. Available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Cover Photo Maker is the first mobile app created just for the purpose of your cover photo. It is a paid download, but it’s a nice way to easily create your image, which can be quickly updated with your favourite images. The app also has some nice additional features, such as adjusting the contrast of your photos and adjusting the width in between images:

Timeline hack template

A nice little tool here if you want to get especially creative with your cover photo. Nico Grienauer at Austrian design agency Ausgetrock has created a template hack for Photoshop that will allow you easily design your avatar and Timeline photo together so you can create seamless designs. You can download it for free (provided you have Photoshop) at We’ve seen some great examples of this, and this allows pretty much anyone to achieve impressive designs easily. The hack is pretty easy to use, and if you need more tips, follow the simple video instructions below:

Facebook Cover Designer

Another iPhone app here – Facebook Cover Designer is free to download and allows you to create pretty slick cover photos using your existing phone images or by taking a new photo. A handy frame on the app allows you to position your photo before you take it:

You can then apply a filter to the photo, although many of these are only featured in the ‘pro’ version of the app:

Then just edit your photo as needed before saving and uploading to your Facebook profile.

Cover Photo Finder

If you want to take the slightly lazier route and go for a cover photo that’s already been created, then this is probably the site for you. Cover Photo Finder allows you to browse through other cover photos that people have created, and upload them to your own profile. You can also contribute your own creations by uploading them through the site. Browse through popular uploads, or search through the most recent uploads to grab your own.

Create a collage

Cover Canvas has a really nice way of creating a collage of photos to feature on your cover. When you’ve logged in via Facebook, you will be presented with a collage of random photos you’ve been tagged in. You can choose to either keep a particular version, or click ‘remix’ to go again. Along the top are a number of themes you can select to change the layout of images:

Be warned that if you choose to keep a cover photo, it will do this automatically, where you’ll be redirected to Facebook to complete the process.

Stylish cover photos

If you want to go for stunning imagery rather than funny hacks or templates, this is one of the best sites out there. Premium Covers features a range of stunning photography that can be downloaded from the site and used as your cover photo.

There does seem to have been a bit of a rethink on the whole design direction on the site, as you’ll notice the quality of images pre and post December 2011 are a little different!

Transfer Instagram photos

This isn’t an app, but thanks to an update from Instagram, you can now easily feature your Instagram pics on your Facebook cover photo. By following the instructions on the Instagram post here, you can share your photos to your Facebook profile, which can then be added as your cover photo, allowing you to keep your beautiful Instagram photos front and centre on your profile

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