KFC Brings 100 Facebook Friends to Party in Australia

Now this is a prize that many people would treasure – the chance to have 100 of your Facebook friends brought from around the world to a party just for you. KFC Australia recently ran a competition called the Goodest Get Together (simultaneously breaking key grammatical rules of the English language) for a fan to win a party for 100 of their Facebook friends, who could be from anywhere in the world.

The company have almost 393,000 likes on their own Facebook page, and the winner of the competition, Liz Daly had 100 of her own Facebook friends come to a KFC hosted party in Australia, some of whom came from as far as the US and Scotland, as the video below shows.

While it’s something that we’ve heard of brands doing before, it’s still a pretty wonderful experience for the winner and gave KFC the opportunity to appear to acknowledge the importance of friendship and to advertise that they should be the food of choice at parties.

The competition is part of a campaign that English language pendants will surely balk at – it’s called ‘The Goodification’ and they talk about making things ‘gooder’,’gooderer’,’gooderest’ and finally the ‘goodest’, which is an interesting strategy because the unfamiliarity with these words will probably lead people to remember them and forever associate them with KFC.

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