Barefaced Cheek: Peugeot’s Cheeky Interactive Video Campaign

Peugeot have created a cheeky interactive video campaign to promote their 208 model, where you can choose what happens next. The video begins with the nude protagonist getting caught in the act of cheating by his girlfriend, at which moment the video pauses and you’re invited to ‘Let Your Body Drive’ and pick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to this proposal.

Should you pick no, the video will end and redirect to a new clip saying you’ve made the wrong choice and concludes our naked friend’s adventures in a way that doesn’t end well for him. Pick yes and you’re in for the start of this guy’s naked escapades around town!

So if you choose the correct option every time, you’ll make it to the end of the video where the man has swapped his birthday suit for an actual suit, is reunited with his girlfriend and drives off in – what else – a Peugeot 208. It’s a fun, clever campaign that has the added bonus of being interactive, which which should encourage people to watch it as they’ll want to get the man to the end.

The video has nearly one million views on Youtube so far, and if you have a spare seven minutes or so, you’ll be able to watch all his adventures. Although the ad is pretty far fetched and whimsical, and it doesn’t really seem to have much to do with the product it’s promoting, it doesn’t really matter because it’s so memorable – how often do you see a naked man running around town in an ad for a car?

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